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Business Debt - Restructure and Relief

Small business owners work hard and are always ready to do what it takes to make their business a success. But sometimes things don't go as planned and business owners find themselves in trouble struggling under crushing debt terms. Arouet Capital can help. We have partnered with National Credit Partners to help get your business back on track and chart a sensible path forward. 


Work closely with seasoned, experienced professionals with an individualized approach each step of the way.


Lower total monthly payments 40% to 60% while moving to weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment plans.


Stabilize and improve your business's cash flow giving you and your business the space you need to succeed.

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It's easy to get started. Click the link below, receive and complete the application then securely upload the application, bank statements, loan contracts and your ID. 

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Complete the request and we will send you an application to complete along with a secure portal to upload all of your documents.

Bank Statements

Just like your lender, our partner will need the last six months of your bank statements to plan your debt restructure.

Loan Contracts

Please provide the loan contracts or documents for all loans you want to have considered for enrollment into the program.

ID Documents

As the principle business owner, the last item we will need is a copy of your valid driver's license or approved ID document.

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